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Who is FoundLocally?


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FoundLocally, now 15 years old, operates 30 locally-focussed community portals under the name, that now stretch across Canada. We've also created targetted portals for the travel, and for the real estate sectors. Not part of a traditional media conglomerate, we've found unique, effective and low-cost ways to build our business and succeed against ever-changing competition.

You have to decide on an effective website, including desktop and mobile versions:

An effective website, includes both desktop and mobile versions

You have to make web marketing decisions including S.E.O, S.E.M, Directories, and Advertising:

web marketing decisions include S.E.O, S.E.M, Directories, and Advertising

You have to look at Social Media marketing options:

Social Media marketing options, including Facebook, twiiter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more...

Consider who has the best experience to help build and maintain your online business.

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