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The Internet is Winning

The internet is ever-so-now -important to businesses, large and small, because:

The internet is also achieving dominance with stronger e-commerce tools and platforms, it can be more cost-effective than traditional retail, and also importantly, instead of spending huge sums of money on “frequency and reach” you can spend less, since your customers are exactly ONE CLICK way!

The Transition of Internet Marketing

In the early days of the internet, marketing was all about links & directories, getting your site listed as many places as possible, so no matter where people surged they would see your site, and maybe visit it.

Then “banner” (or “display”) ads became important, not just so websites could have a viable business model, but the use of graphics, animation, and even video could impact consumer to click on a website, build a brand, or even buy a product.

Once search engines became more sophisticated (first AltaVista, and later Google), web marketing was all about Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), getting your webpage listed optimally, by playing with content, layout, and META tags to influence your ranking.

When Google began to dominate, Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) was about keyword-focused pay-per-click or pay-for-position text ads (like Google AdWords) to drive people to your website.

When Social Media began, it was seen as a free way interact with customers (as friends, likes or followers) but as their business models moved to pushing paid methods, free or “organic” approaches are quickly becoming less effective.

And most recently, the implementation of CASL has made e-mail (“spam”) a lot more prohibitive.

Guerilla Marketing Strategies Online

Guerilla Marketing, NOT gorilla marketing!

Small companies have the goals with their websites:

(1) they must look larger than life

(2) use it to bring customers in the door and

(3) turn a larger competitor's size into their weakness.

That's guerilla marketing. We specialize in using web marketing to affordably generate web site traffic and business, especially compared to traditional media. Remember, with web marketing your customers are just one click away.

Guerilla Marketing, NOT gorilla marketing!Web marketing uses on-line marketing strategy to combine organic search engine listings, pay-for-placement listings, directory registration, Social Media, and banner advertising. We consider each of these to select the appropriate mix for each client. We have the unique experience, having learned from years of trial & error, hard work, and success building our own FoundLocally site to reach a million visitors a month! We used word of mouth and "word of mouse" and a media ad budget of exactly ZERO! Just a bit of hard work, which we'd be happy to do on your behalf, too.

Internet Marketing Has Longevity

Small businesses can use carefully-built web sites to take advantage of free (and almost free) web marketing opportunities. Unlike other advertising (newspapers, TV, or radio), Internet marketing has a life-span LONG after the work is done.

At FoundLocally, some of the search engine marketing, directory marketing, and social media work is earning us dividends for YEARS after the work has been done. You’ll never see such direct (and measurable) long term results with television, radio, newspapers or magazines advertising.

Let Us Help You!

We can help you devise a strategy and implement it as part of your entire online presence, and help you achieve gains against your competition in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.
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