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Over 15 years Experience

FoundLocally's General Manager, Mark Ruthenberg, has worked in the Internet business since 1995 (he founded Calgary's UWannwhat website), and since founding in 1999, we've been designing websites for ourselves and discerning clients.

FoundLocally's Ethics Policy:

We work with many web designers, SEO firms, and advertising agencies, to help them raise their clients' online profile.

Our success depends on making such companies and their clients successful and visible in teh online world.

We WILL NOT knowingly "poach" clients from any such organization listed in the directory.

We have worked with a broad range of clients and websites:

    Business-to-Business Consumer Goods & Services Community Groups & Not-for-Profits Financial Services Public Companies Portals Mobile Websites Social Media

You can see samples of our work in our client portfolio pages

Internet Solutions for Business

The goal of any website is two-fold:

    To bring customers in the door, either to shop online or to visit your business and actually spend money, and

    To make you look "larger than life" to position you for other opportunities which helps your business to grow. Media Inc is a master at both, and can help any business wisely develop its web presence, whether its your FIST ONE, or it's time for the one you REALLY want.

What Make FoundLocally's Design Services Special

FoundLocally has an efficient process for project design and development so accurate thatr most projects are quoted a fixed price. Few web developers have the experience and management practices to do that.

Most "web developers" are either strong in graphics, in programming, or in marketing. Few can do all three, and virtually none integrate a business perspective on your sales processes. FoundLocally can. We have a decade's experience on business issues that impact your web site: marketing, sales, customer service, invoicing & collections, accounting, inventory management, e-commerce and staff training. We provide technical writers, photographers and artists, e-commerce developers, database programmers, and web marketers experienced in a variety of industries.

Our Zero Maintenance Design Philosophy

Our high standard of service and professionalism is built around our "Zero Maintenance Design Philosophy." We study your business problems, and match your challenge with the appropriate technology. Our experience helps us to foresee growth issues, to design a site that doesn't need rebuilding as your business grows.

The site is designed to reduce ongoing effort and maintenance, all the while speeding initial development. This reduces your ongoing site maitenance effort (and cost) while achieving the results you are expecting. We realize your business is what you do best, and any time spent on your webiste is time away from your customers,

Off-the-shelf tools reduce programming costs, and simple templates or web forms are used to update data (we even train your staff to self-maintain the web site), so you gain control on your total Internet project costs.

Our Value Proposition

Here's what we've learned over the past 15 years in the Internet industry:
    Business wants a fixed project price. Only inexperienced consultants need to bill by the hour. When's the last time you heard of a home builder doing that?

    Show all the "hidden" costs. Our proposals give clear, no-surprises disclosure, and we can help you negotiate hosting, web marketing, software licensing, and site maintenance costs.

    No surprises Why hire specialist consultants if they cannot foresee all the complications.

FoundLocally's Specialized Design Services

FoundLocally can help your Calgary business with Mobile Website Design optimized for smartphone users.

FoundLocally also designs and programs customized Public Company Investor Relations websites

FoundLocally Offers Independent Web Site Audits

FoundLocally now provides independent Website Audits FoundLocally has added a very reasonably-priced new Web Site Audit service, to help small businesses and their web designers maximize their online impact in an ever-more-competitive marketplace. A website audit can improve the success of web marketing campaign, and impact decisions to upgrade or replace a web site by providing experienced and independent advice from someone without an economic interest in the decision to change (or not to change).

The Website Audit is an independent appraisal of the competitive strengths & weaknesses of your website, and covers over 200 attributes. You might want to know if you are being over-sold on website design, or realize website features are insufficient for stated business goals. A website audit is an important tool to help you understand how well your website works for you, helps recognize deficiencies, and assess its competitiveness in your community and your industry.

The Website Audit is a NO-STRINGS assessment of your current website, and its competitive strengths and weakenesses, measured agsint today's "Best Practices". We welcome any business, or any web designer, to submit a website for an audit.
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