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Investors Need YOUR Information!

Public Companies have a responsibility to not only make money for their investors, but also have to provide clear, concise, and timely information to their current and future investors.

Many businesses express some regret about going public, once they see the time & effort required to manage the investor reporting process, though they and their staff, management, and investors are very thankful for the investment liquidity that they get in return.

The challenge is how to create a website that provides information to all stakeholders on a timely basis, without incurring a massive expense or staff distraction. Automating this with a website is an excellent way to meet all requirements, and reducing both expense and delays caused by mailing investor information as paper documents.

And, if investors can get the required information from you, they'll move their investments to where they DO feel more secure that they get accurate and timely information.

Some Companies Don't Need a Customer/Product Website

Many junior public oil & gas companies are in this position. Once the oil & gas is found, drilled, and extracted, the sales are "automatic". You do not need a website to get customers for your oil (or other resources).

In this case, the ONLY website you NEED is one to communicate with investors.

Key Components of an Investor Relations website

Here are the components found in any investor relations website:

    Earnings & Management Reports (quarterly and annual financial statements and MD&A)

    Media mentions

    Management bios & Board of Director bios

    Media Releases

    Supplemental information (photos, documents, prospectuses, fact sheets, reserve reports, slide shows, maps, etc)

    Stock ticker information (stock price: high/low/current, trading volumes

    Investor Q & A (everyone should receive answers & disclosure at the same time)

    Events of investor interest (upcoming reports, investor meetings, Annual General Meeting "AGM")

The Olden Days… and These Days

In days past, companies would spend significant resources printing and distributing their annual reports to shareholders, prior to each year's Annual General Meeting.

Today, with the speed of technology, and liquidity demands of investors, companies, can no longer wait for that once a year "push" to get or keep investors happy. Today's public investors demand ongoing, timely, and complete disclosure.

This means your website needs to be a complete and updated version of your annual report, with not only most recent quarterly and annual earnings reports, but full M D & A and segmented reporting by business unit or geographic area.

To better facilitate your full range of investors, you not only communicate about website updates by media release (no one calls them a "press release" any more), or by newsletter (now you have to comply with the new CASL rules), but also be active using Social Media like Facebook. Twitter, and LinkedIn. You need to reach investors, financial analysts, and potential investors by the methods THEY prefer to use to stay in touch.

And these days, you want to be able to show-of your company when you are waiting at the gate at the airport, or when meeting over dinner with friends and associates, or during a casual meeting on the street. To do this, your website must also provide all this information in a mobile-friendly manner so any smartphone can be used to access your investor information in a device-optimized layout.

Does YOUR Website Design make this all EASY?

FoundLocally's solution is to database all the important information, using web forms make it easy to enter and update (from anywhere!), and standardize the way it is displayed on the website. The best thing is that, once entered, info is used on both the desktop and mobile versions of your investor relations website, optimally formatted for each.

We integrate with Social Media tools to make tasks that can make programming web pages very complex (and the learning curve very steep), and make it easy. This makes doing things like live-tweeting your AGM, or posting pictures taken with your smartphone from the field, a relatively non-technical task. And also, importantly we've added these feature without you paying "an arm and a leg" for.

Even nicer, all of the data is exportable to your favourite Microsoft Office applications, including Access, Word, and Excel. And vice-versa.

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