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Online Advertising


FoundLocally can VASTLY IMPROVE your Internet advertising results by using micro-targeting to multiply your advertising value. We can target geographically because of our community-focussed portals, and we can target based on interest because of our diverse content in each community. Why pay for users who aren't part of your target audience?

Multiply Your Online Ad Power

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Most ads build a brand and hope consumers can find your product where they shop. FoundLocally's business directory is locally focused, and helps consumers FIND what they are shopping for.

If you are a national brand, ensure your local locations or dealers are in our directory! Uuse FoundLocally to not only reach your local consumers, but enourage them to ACT!

Our business directory is integrated with events, news, savings (either coupons or sale notices), and jobs, all FREE and advertiser-supported. We provide SO MANY WAYS to get your message out. And with online advertising, the desired action is EXACTLY ONE CLICK AWAY.

We provide a number of time-saving tools, includng the ability to "Clone" listings, events, news, events, and jobs to multiple locations.

Even more impressive, if you create ONE listing as a template, gvand email us an Excel spreadsheet (contact us for details) of your nationwide locations, we can "clone" them for you, each in the appropriate FoundLocally directory.

FoundLocally's Blog has lots of SEO and web marketing tips for Multi-Location businesses (including chains and franchises) and lots of SEO/Web Marketing tips for their Ad Agencies & Web Marketers

To begin, go to and select your community, and then click on "Free Listings" at the top, to begin.

Internet Advertising: Beyond Frequency & Reach

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Frequency and Reach has been used by advertising professionals to quantify advertising effectiveness in the past. This model fails when trying to get action in an online economy.

When a person watching TV sees an ad they like, they need to get away from the TV (and their favourite show), go to a different room, turn on the computer, start their browser software, and enter the web address. The same is true when consumers are listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper, and gets worse with billboards seen while driving.

The lack of PROXIMITY between the ad and the desired action, forces advertisers to over-compensate with increased Frequency and Reach, just so consumers might remember the advertisers name, brand or web URL.

On the other hand, when advertising online, the desired action is EXACTLY ONE CLICK AWAY. Frequency and Reach do not need to be exaggerated, if the offer is good and the link is direct.
Mark Ruthenberg

Young consumers palying beach volleyball FoundLocally provides a community-focused audience, searching for local sources and information for things they want and need. The big global search engines can't help Canadian consumers find local businesses through all the global clutter. Via our almost 1 million organic search engine listings (and that's just on the top 25 search engines), consumers are directed to FoundLocally! For example, if you're searching for local infomation on Google, chances are you'll end up on FoundLocally! So, for reaching Canadians, FoundLocally is a very good place to advertise.

FoundLocally is where Canadian consumers coast to coast FIND the local businesses that they prefer to do business with. Catch them when they're just searching, AT their buying decision time: when they're READY TO BUY.

FoundLocally offers Great Targetting

The benefits of advertising with are based on targetting:

    Demographics (who visits?)

    Geographics (from where?)

    Psychographics (what interests?)

Reach Them Through Fuel Digital Media's Online Ad Network

More about Fuel Digital Media FoundLocally works with Fuel Digital Media, to ensure that advertiser's message reaches the best audience in the most targetted and cost-effective manner.

Fuel Digital Media is a leader in connecting Canadian websites with Canadian advertisers with Canadian audiences, with a reach of nearly 70% of the Canadian online audience.

You can extend your reach with a combination of banner advertising and text ads on either the Fuel Digital Media or the Google Adwords/DoubleClick networks to drive targeted traffic to your web sites.

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